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It's nice to meet you, too.

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I spent most of my childhood in Grayling, Michigan, a small lumbering town in the heart of Northern Michigan.  I have lived in West Michigan for the last 9 years -- most of which have been spent in the heart of Grand Rapids' west side neighborhood.  I am very proud to call Grand Rapids my home.


I moved to Grand Rapids to pursue my B.B.A. in Finance and Human Resources Management at GVSU.  (Go Lakers!)  During my undergraduate, I was heavily involved with student life.  I graduated with Honors from the Frederick Meijer Honors College, and I am a proud Laker for a Lifetime.

After working for a few years post-graduation, I realized I was meant to serve.  I put my full time career job on hold to enlist in the US Army Reserves.  I graduated from the JFK School of Special Warfare as my class's Valedictorian and Distinguished Honors Graduate.  I now work as a full time HCM Analyst for a large private company in Grand Rapids.


Simply and humbly, I'm here to serve.  I always tell people I could have moved anywhere in the country after completing my initial Army training, yet I chose to return home to Grand Rapids because I wholeheartedly believe in our City and in our People.  It would be a privilege and an honor to represent the people of the 1st Ward on our City's Commission.

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